Artist-in-Residence & Assemblies


Middle and High School Conferences and School Assemblies

Large group assemblies provide an opportunity for Monte to utilize music, humor, activities, and interaction to help students consider healthy choices, peer interactions, motivation, etc. Monte has received standing ovations at hundreds of school assemblies, national leadership conference keynotes, and hands-on leadership training events.


Early Childhood and Elementary Assemblies

Younger students love the chance to join Monte in singing traditional and original songs. While juggling basketballs, exploring varied instruments, and “role-playing”, Monte playfully guides students to consider issues regarding homework, being a good friend, learning from mistakes, healthy attitudes, and more. And yes, he closes his super-high-energy assembly with a quiet and focused sing-along that prepares students for a quiet return to the classroom!


Preparing for the Transition

Students preparing to transition from elementary to middle or high school often have particular fears, questions, and false perceptions. Monte’s full-day event helps students sort out fact from fiction, and focus on strategies that make transitions much more successful. The activities, music, and interaction provide opportunities for students to laugh, reflect, and consider personal choices that impact future success. 


We Don’t Do That Here! (Addressing student bullying issues)

Music, interaction, and powerful analogies help students see their role in stopping bullying in this high energy presentation. Much of the music is written with students around the United States - carrying a very clear message about what students do and don’t want at school. 


Solving Problems without Whining!

Many students lack skills to move from “whining” to active problem solving.  Monte helps them practice brainstorming school strengths/concerns, prioritizing issues, creating strategies, and organizing for implementation and evaluation. Students develop a unique plan and understand a process for initiating positive change. They leave knowing who does what by when. 



A songwriting residency with Monte Selby is an opportunity to actively engage students, parents, and teachers with music and songwriting.  



  • Writing. Students brainstorm and develop original songs by exploring techniques used by hit songwriters. Students develop the music, appropriate to skill level. Monte will relate lyric development to common classroom writing and communication skills. Students leave with a refreshed view of writing, creativity, and collaboration. English teachers love this event!
  • Singing and recording. Songs are intentionally written to encourage student singing and participation. Songs are recorded, often including student voices, so that Monte can create a professional recording and youtube video for the school and students to enjoy. When time allows, students are involved in “producing” the song (appropriate to age level).
  • School assemblies. Monte will use music (including new student compositions), stories, juggling, and interactive activities to engage students. Embedded in his message are themes that can include responsibility, bullying, kindness, the importance of effective writing, the value of collaboration, etc.
  • Performance. Monte will encourage young musicians to join him for a community concert or conference keynote presentation when appropriate.


Monte’s lesson plans are well grounded in educational and current brain research. He directly involves all students, engages both reticent and gifted writers and musicians, and strategically involves all willing participants in performances.


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