Monte Selby has received formal awards as a musician, teacher, principal, and professor over the past 25 years. More recently, in 2105, he was invited to serve as a Global Mentor at the Stamford American International School in Singapore. He joined 3 Nobel Prize winners, 3 Olympic medalists, and 3 thought leaders who were challenged to inspire students and “learn to be the best from the best”. In 2016 he was honored as an Arkansas Traveler, a title bestowed on individuals who, through their actions, serve as goodwill ambassadors for the US state of Arkansas. A certificate is signed by the governor, secretary of state and the recipient's sponsor, and given to the honoree during a ceremony attended by the signors.

Monte has often said his favorite form of recognition is the informal appreciation he receives from those who listen to his music or attend his presentations. Examples....


“I attended the NSMA Concert and was blown away.”  Belinda from Australia


“This session was way beyond excellent.  Wow!”   Atlanta Conference session evaluation


“The most engaging guest presentation I’ve ever seen”   Missouri Elementary principal


“I have never written a fan letter in my life, but I feel compelled to let you know how much I enjoy listening to your CD My Dad Is A Supt. I find the songs, not only delightful, but several of them are enduring pieces that extend beyond education. Your singing is a treat and if that's your brother Mark's lead guitar work, tell him it’s super.”   Jeff from Michigan

"Thanks so much for your inspiration, stories, sharing your amazing musical talent, and for the BEST inservice DAY in my 29 years of teaching!"   Sherry from Kansas

“Greetings from Moscow, Russia! Hope that you had a restful trip home. The five of us returned with renewed spirit thanks to the many things you said that inspired us. I just finished listening to your Peer Pressure CD which was truly wonderful. I couldn't stop crying during the "Look Me In The Eye" song. It was as if you were singing about me, to me and for me and so from the bottom of my heart I THANK you! It was as if you went inside my head and brought out my thoughts about living in a wheelchair, and how all people including adults tend to be intimidated with those of us who are "different". Keep doing the work that you are doing – you are awe inspiring."   Nicole from Moscow


“Just got to hear Monte for the first time! What a great experience”   Jeb from Alabama


“I recently ordered all three CD's and they came in yesterday.  While listening to all of them, I laughed, cried, howled, deeply soul searched, questioned myself, praised the job educators do, etc. Your music touched every emotion this principal has … Keep it up. You're a gifted songwriter and storyteller.”   Sue from Arkansas


“He is a "heavy hitter" in addressing middle school issues. From laughter to very serious . . . all through his music”   Clarke from Virginia


“Outstanding ideas on how to motivate staff.”   Mark from Wisconsin


“Thanks for your inspiring performance yesterday! I wish I could have had a chance to visit with you but you were surrounded by your fans! Anyway, your message on Sunday was terrific! I firmly believe in everything you talk about. … Thanks again for a wonderful presentation. You are NUMBER ONE in my book!”  Tom from California


“Only someone who has worked with kids in a school setting could possibly have put those songs together. I was so impressed by your ability to put words so succinctly and "hit the target", song after song. Your ability to play the guitar and your voice – there's no other word than - WOW!”   Sheila from Utah


“Wow, you did indeed pull out the stops! It was terrific. I've heard a lot of positive comments in the past week. Thanks for going above and beyond expectations to pull together such a tremendously talented group of people”   Jim from Indiana


“Hey Dr. Selby, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your presentation. I am a third year teacher who was starting to get frustrated with things that are going on with schools outside of the kids. Your message really hit home and helped me keep focusing on what I love doing, helping kids. I am also getting my degree in school counseling so all of this information will be useful to me as a teacher and hopefully future counselor . . . Thanks for a great message!    Kris from Illinois


“Monte's music has inspired me and my students for almost 20 years!”  Greg from Nebraska


“What a thrill it was to have you with us for the past week! The week was a great one and I appreciate all you did both during the artist-in-residence week and during the conference."  Jim from Tokyo


“All day people have been raving about how much they enjoyed you!”  Jennifer from Missouri


“Thanks for the amazing kick-start to our Summer Conference! You gave me great ideas for the new school year! “ Marla from Kansas


“I am writing to say thank you. Among the papers I could hang on the wall I’ve got one that says “National Board Certification” on it. And on day one this year, when you stepped on stage, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of year I wanted to have.

I loved your presentation to the group. I was totally into it, clapping, singing along, whatever you had asked us to do that day, I would have done it. I was hooked. Hook, line and sinker . . . I know it was your main message, and what I took away, contemplated, internalized, and then acted upon was the answer to your main question: “What would my best day look like?”

My best day was when I taught 4th grade, so I’m teaching 9th and 10th graders like I taught 4th graders. And I am having the best day ever - every day. This is my best school year ever. This is even better than those best days and years teaching 4th grade. I have a hundred unbelievably amazing stories already and we haven’t even finished the first month of school yet. Your presentation caused something to click inside of me and away we go. I’m getting so much positive feedback from the kids it’s unreal. I’m just trying to ride the wave as long as possible, and continue to hear stories and write stories and tell and re-tell stories.

Thanks again.  Keep on writing those songs."  Jason from California


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